Mumbles Triathlon Information

Competition Dates: Saturday 29th September 2018

Competition Venue: Mumbles Bay, Swansea

Number of Medal Events: Three – Middle Distance, Sprint Distance, and Super Sprint Distance.

Maximum Competitors: 800 – mixed gender race.

Competition Format: The Mumbles Triathlon can be entered by anyone who feels they are capable of competing. There is gender separation, so men and women compete for first place in their respective category.

Event Itinerary

There’s loads going on at Mumbles Triathlon, so we’ve made things simple for you… to work out where you need to be and when, simply check out our itinerary of events below.

*Please be aware that this is a preliminary itinerary, and details of the event could possibly change closer to the event.

Please note – Photographic ID will be required at registration. Athletes without this may not be registered by the start time of the event.

Friday 28th September 2018

4.00pm-7.30pmRegistration OpenMumbles Yacht Club
6.00pmBeginners BriefingBike Racking

Saturday 29th September 2018

6.00am - 7.20am Registration OpenMumbles Yacht Club
6.00am - 7.30am Transition OpenKnab Rock Car Park
7.45amMandatory Race BriefingOn the slipway
8.00amEVENT STARTOn the slipway
8.10amFirst Swimmer
9.00amLast Swimmer (Swim Cut-Off)
9.10amFirst Bike Back
9.30amFirst Sprint Athlete Home
11.15amBike 2nd Lap (Cut-Off)B4436 Junction to Vennaway Lane
12.30pmFirst Middle Athlete Home
1:30pmLast Bike Back
3:30pmLast Run Lap (Cut-Off)Verdi's
4:00pmLast Athlete Home